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PNB Housing Finance Eyes Repositioning with a Massive Multimedia Brand Campaign Launch with MASH Advertising

PNB Housing Finance Limited, the 5th largest housing finance company in India, will launch a multi-media, multi-city and high intensity brand campaign starting 7th January, 2016. The campaign aspires to present the fresh face of brand to its customers after undergoing an extensive transformation journey since the last few years. Now that the transformation phase is over, the company is all set to delight customers with a much more efficient service delivery model and aims to reposition itself as a new age contemporary housing finance company. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Shaji Varghese, CMO, PNB Housing Finance Limited said, “In the socio-economic backdrop of the Indian society, the decision to purchase a house is a carefully constructed emotional decision. This makes it even more imperative for the home loan provider to make the right connect with the customer. Besides being trustworthy and transparent, it is important that the financial institution providing the home loan brings in ease and convenience to the customer throughout the loan journey. With this campaign, we want to drive a single point message: door to your own home opens easier with PNB Housing.” Mr. Amitabha Lahiri, CEO, Mash said, “The driving force behind the campaign has been to create a platform to connect with the target audience which is not typecast yet emotional. Innovation and smart impact have been leveraged to create a different and niche brand imagery to communicate the ease with which one can get a home loan from PNB Housing. The multimedia campaign includes an array of innovative creatives across all mediums of Radio, TV, Print, OOH and Digital. The campaign has been designed in a way that appeals to the mass audience and establishes PNB Housing as a new generation company. This is the first time the company has catered to a 360 degree campaign influenced by a concept based on out-of-the-box imagination with an emotional touch and a pertinent messaging.”

Campaign Details

Creative agency: MASH Advertising – A Percept Hakuhodo Group Company

Cities covered: Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Pune etc.

Multimedia spread: TV, Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio

Campaign Concept: PNB Housing believes that every human being has the right to own a home. Taking cue from this, the campaign takes the viewer through a visual extravaganza of exotic birds and animals in their unique dwelling spaces. The TVC, that will be the first to be launched, draws a parallel between the animals and the human beings that animals make their own homes but human beings tend to live in rented homes although it is not an option in the natural world. The TVC further embarks the message that the dream of owning a home becomes easier with PNB Housing as it is hassle free with incredible customer service, easy online access, doorstep services and a host of other conveniences. The TVC is backed by a very powerful content and drives home a single point message that everyone dreams of a home and with customized loan solutions, PNB Housing will open the doors to your dream home. The multi-media campaign will focus on all major cities across the country along with region specific activities and installations.

Branding and retail trends for 2016, as envisaged by Brian Pinto, Country Head, I-AM

Branding is not just a placement of identities or of logos in print, online, television, OOH or any other medium. The concept of branding stems from defining the target and mining a definite insight to define a brand core or brand essence. Very often businesses say they want a logo without arriving at a brand core. A brand core, well thought through, will let you define the look, feel, colours, fonts, sounds/audio to arrive at an identity. This identity then leads you to arrive at a visual language and tone of voice that is very distinctively recognisable as the face of your brand and by extension – branding of your product or services.

Trend1 : Knowing your consumer - Who are they? What are their motivations, interests and opinions? How are they changing? How is their world changing? Designing your brand and brand experience around the answers to these questions – will lead you to a defining a relevant product offering, doping more or less of technology, ease of browsing and sales assistance levels. The only way to have a meaningful dialogue with consumers is to understand them. Including addressing any of their problems and concerns expressed both online and offline. More importantly it is also about bonding with your consumers beyond the transactional to an emotional level. In today’s market wherein the consumer is spoilt for choices, there are very few differences between brands which can be easily overcome by knowing your consumers and creating a differentiating brand experience around them. Take the case of Apple and its strap line – Think Different – which is not just a line or tag line, it permeates every aspect of Apple’s businesses – spanning procurement to product design to retail. The brand experience of Think Different is so strong that every consumer interaction with any of Apple’s products (i-phone, i-mac and the rest of the range) and with the Apple retail stores reinforces the brand core. The designs across both products and retail tend to be unique, minimalistic and totally out-of the-box. The emotional bond that consumers have with their Apple products makes them brand advocates and promoters of the brand.

Trend 2: Building an Omni channel experience - At the risk of using a cliché – Omni channel, one still needs to understand what exactly is Omni channel? It is generally assumed to be building a brand presence across multiple channels – online and retail and/or different retail formats. This is only partially true, Omni channel is about building complimentary yet seamless brand experiences by profiling the consumers across channels and by leveraging the strengths of each channel. Consumer profiling is self-explanatory while the latter quite simply means each channel has its own merits. Online is used generally for browsing the entire range, pricing and convenience. Brick and mortar outlets provide a multi-sensory product and brand experience. These differences between formats should be capitalized upon while creating an Omni-channel experience. There are multiple cases of online brands creating a brick and mortar version to build on the strengths of the offline platform, and multiple cases of the reverse from offline to online. Nordstrom (Department Stores in the USA) has managed to seamlessly blend the online and offline experiences via the social media platform. It uses Pinterest online and in stores to give its consumers a personalised and relevant branded shopping experience. They’ve added a Pinterest button to their website and they have also started to put physical Pinterest logos in-store to emulate the online process of ‘pinning’.

Trend 3: Creating a service-centric mentality - In a country renowned for its warmth and hospitality, we fall short in providing a service brand experience. While organisations have started improving the quality of products retailed, because consumers now have a range of brands to choose from and they will only choose the best quality at a given price band, the sales attendants and consumer care personnel treat the sales as transactional (read as meeting sales quotas). Building product knowledge, professionalism and a genuine consumer care among the front line and back end service providers is a key differentiator. The consumers who buy brands are the ones who will refer you if the entire experience provided is exemplary and distinctive. Cathay Pacific is a service brand that has been consistently ranked as the world’s best airline by Skytrax. It has unfailingly raised the bar in upgrading its product, passenger comfort and service standards in accordance with its brand pillars. The raising of the bar happens by having a consumer focus and constantly listening to their feedback and more importantly – acting on the feedback. Cathay Pacific lounges, in-flight seats, the food and beverage selection, and service both on-ground and in-air merge the entire product-service experience to seamlessly tie into the overall heart-felt service brand experience.

Trend 4: Localising the offering - While overall the brand and its experience should be a constant across geographies, one needs to tweak elements of the marketing and service mix to suit the needs of the local market. Building brand affinity can be enhanced by adding an element of comfort and familiarity in the branding and space design in order to connect emotionally with your consumers. Starbucks adds an element of localization not only in tweaking its product offering to suits local market sensitivities and tastes but also infuses local cultural elements within its retail space enhancing the consumer’s comfort levels while encouraging repeat visits.

Trend 5: Social Consciousness tying in with the brand - CSR imperatives are mandated for organizations of certain sizes, but leveraging the right CSR activity that builds on what the brand stands for, adds a valuable dimension to an organisation’s brand building effort. Food brands for example could help farmers through pricing, training or any other avenue they see fit. There are brands like TOMS that have built their offering around a social cause. When a consumer purchases a pair of shoes for themselves, TOMS provides a pair of shoes to a child in need. This gesture not only mitigates consumer guilt over an extravagant purchase but also builds on the do good, feel good factor of buying into the brand. This also generates conversations around the brand. These trends we have forecast for India are at a basic level since we foresee these as the first ones to change in the coming year. The higher-order experiences within the above trends will be the next steps in the coming years.

Sunburn x Oji Announce Mad Decent Block Party India Tour!

And the BIG NEWS has dropped! SUNBURN and Oji are kicking off 2016 with a bang. Diplo’s annual touring festival Mad Decent Block Party is all set to create havoc in the Indian peninsula and what might just turn out to be a revolution for the dance music scene in the country. After all the early rumors surrounding MDBP, the dream finally comes true as Sunburn x Oji are bringing Diplo’s creative franchise to India for a 3 city tour from February 19-21, 2016, touching down in Mumbai on the 19th, followed by New Delhi on the 20th, and wrapping it up on the 21st in Bangalore. Mad Decent, the American record label helmed by Grammy-nominated & AMA winning producer Diplo (producer to Madonna, Usher, M.I.A, Justin Bieber amongst others) has been responsible for kick-starting the careers of many up and coming electronic producers including Dillon Francis, Baauer (of Harlem Shake fame) and TroyBoi to name a few. Mad Decent has been a pioneer in introducing eclectic and fantastic regional sounds from Brazil, Angola and famously Jamaica amongst many other countries into clubs and dance floors across the world, with the very first Mad Decent Block Party taking place in a street in Philadelphia, USA back in 2008. Keeping in line with Mad Decent’s aim of presenting the best of global pop and dance music to new audiences, the Indian edition of Mad Decent Block Party will feature MAJOR LAZER (known for their 2015 hit single, Lean On) as the headline act, British house-music duo Gorgon City, Big Gigantic whose sets are tinged with live electronica, hip hop and jazz, as well as American producer Giraffage amongst a host of local artists yet to be announced. Commenting on bringing the Mad Decent Block Party to India, Diplo of Major Lazer said, “The Mad Decent Block party is when the whole neighborhood comes together to meet up outside and get loose. At Mad Decent we treat the whole city like one scene and we bring everyone out for music, food and just good energy all around. Being able to bring Mad Decent Block Party to India is a huge accomplishment, and all of us in Major Lazer are excited to be back in India bringing carnival to the fans”. States Karan Singh, CEO, Sunburn, "This is our 10th anniversary year which is a matter of celebration in itself as an Intellectual property. This season we intend to deliver differentiated products for our loyal dance music patrons. Sunburn would never be where we are without them. This association with Mad Decent Block Party is the first step towards our mega celebrations." Pre-sale tickets have already gone live on 21st January 2016.

‘2015 was India's year of the ‘Troll’’ – Elvis Sequeira, COO, Hakuhodo India

On asking leading respondents from the advertising, media, marketing and PR domain on what they will remember 2015 by, and the trends they expect to see in 2016 on agencies, long format films, the 30-seconder, digital, mobile, e-commerce, technology and people, Elvis Sequeira, COO, Hakuhodo Percept commented, “I'd say 2015 was India's year of the ‘Troll’. More people discovered their voices on social media than I can ever recall, their angry outpourings sparing no one and nothing – brands (Maggi, Volkswagen, Honda, HUL), celebrities (Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Gajendra Chauhan, Chetan Bhagat, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi), plays, books, food habits, awards, court rulings and so on. On the flip side, those voices also had a positive part to play with the Chennai Flood situation. I'd expect 2016 to be the year of content co-creation and the rise of smaller 'creators' that even large scale advertising agencies will turn to as they begin to finally understand the power and potential of digital platforms.

Of Music and Beyond with Sunburn Goa

Over years, Sunburn Goa has evolved and become a new ‘holiday destination’ for people coming in from different countries. The festival has much more to offer than just electronic dance music. When they started in 2007, they thought that it would be like any other music festival in the country. But, as years passed by, not only Sunburn grow into a big brand but has also become synonymous with EDM (electronic dance music) in India. But, as they step into their 10th year, Harindra Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, Percept Limited said he aims to raise the 10 crore benchmark in this year. “It is going to be bigger and better,” he shared. He added, “Sunburn is something that has grown organically. When we sat down into 2007, it wasn’t meant to grow into this grand scale. May be, it was only another event happening. But, I think, given a lot of factors, like the fact that this was EDM, it broke language barriers and grew in terms of popularity. Now, it has become a brand and people want to be associated with it.” When we entered the arena on the Vagator, the one thing that struck us was that it was a lot more than the artistes line-ups, stage designs and elaborate set ups. Irrespective of whether it was about the volunteers effort to make the festival successful or the whole energy around the arena, it was beyond all of these. When we entered the arena, it was no less than a festival happening at a grand scale. From food counters to flea markets and adventure sports to on-site camping — a first time concept in India turned out to be a special experience all of its own. Campers were positioned at the top the hill and got a panoramic view of the hysteria of epic proportions that gripped an area of 500,000sq/m. Every day, the festival began at 10 am in the morning and went up till 10pm at night. We not only spotted fans from as many as 52 countries but we also caught hold of many families who had come to the festival to enjoy. “The festival starts at 10 am in the morning, we have come here to have a good time. We can eat, drink and chill with our loved ones and it is like being on a holiday,” shared a fan from Mumbai. Singh shared a similar response when he told us, “If you want people to be here for 10 hours then have to create experiences for them. Here, we have chilling zones, food stalls, camping opportunities and a lot more. Usually, the crowd used to come to the venue by half past five but this time, they are here by 11am because there is a lot that they can do. It is like a holiday destination for them,” shared Singh. The festival besides music had all of these:

Shop till you drop - For a lot of people, the festival actually turned into a holiday destination. We saw people shopping excitedly from the flea market and negotiating the price like in a real flea market. Things like laser lights, coloured bands, tiara and beach hats were a hit among many visitors.

Eat this way - When you have to attend a festival for almost 12 hours then how can you not have good food? Whether it was oh-sum shawarma, pizzas,burgers, rolls — you name it and they had it. All of this including a different section dedicated only for beverages.

News Feed - The first thing that many of us do after reaching a venue like this is to check in on social media platforms. To make it feel real, standees of Instagram posts and Facebook were placed at different spots inside the whole arena. No wonder, social media addicts found a new place to click a selfie and post it online.

Ride it - Be it bunjee jumping or playing in an artificial pool for 10 minutes, people left no opportunity to try something new. One thing that caught a lot of attention was the bull riding which made a lot of people have a crazy fall.

Sunburn 2016 to have 10 new concepts

Entering its decadal year of inception, popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival 'Sunburn' will have 10 landmark new concept events across the country in 2016. “This is our tenth year of inception. We are going to hold ten landmark new concept events during the year which would be held across the country”, Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept, told. Sunburn Goa organised by Percept was held in the coastal state from December 27-30 last year at Vagatore beach where popular Disc Jockeys (DJs) from across the globe enthralled the audience. Singh said that the new concept events would be unveiled this month. We are working on the concept. They are brand new events and would be held across the country including the eastern and southern states which are yet to be explored by Sunburn, Singh added. We are going to get lot of big names. We want all kind of people to be united with Sunburn. The Indian fans will get global exposure, he added. Singh claimed that the recently held event in Goa went on smoothly where the ten years of 'Sunburn' logo was unveiled at its closing ceremony.

Sunburn Goa 2015 broke records with 2,281 retweets, 5,627 likes, over 20 sponsors…and more

Fans were blown away with the entire Sunburn 2015 lineup, the production values and the overall experience that Sunburn Goa gave them in December 2015. Thousands of fans facebooked and tweeted during the event and the cumulative twitter reach for the fans was 35 lacs and impressions were 1 crore over a period of 4 days. Sunburn festival Facebook page peaked at a reach of 2 million per day during the 4 days of Sunburn Goa festival. The event saw a sponsor integration of more than 20 brands with every brand integrating a unique concept - including Renault, Gionee (co-presenters) Kingfisher, Sminiroff, Quikr Cars (in partnership with), FBB, Ola, Sky Bags, Airtel, Gillette, SpiceJet, Rayban (in association with), Sky Scanner, Stayzilla, 7Up, Ola Money (co-sponsors) Instagram, Tinder, ITC, Dominos (stall partners). Renault KWID had one of the most unique car displays which showcased cars suspended from a crane. The Renault Lounge had a pool parlor, photo booths and a dedicated food truck. “Having launched the attractive, innovative, and affordable Renault KWID, we found the perfect match with sunburn, one of world’s largest music festivals. Sunburn Goa, lived upto and surpassed all our expectations. Our campaigns spot the kwid, and kwid to sunburn goa, both got amazing response. This one is a sure winner” said Renault India Country CEO and managing Director Sumit Sawhney. Gionee had the second largest stage in the festival. The Gionee Lounge, self sufficient with bean bags and a dedicated sprawled out bar area perched atop the hills gave attendees a beautiful view of the main stage apart from the bungee jump activity which was an all time favorite with adventure junkies. Gionee MD & Country CEO Arvind R Vohra said, “Associating with Sunburn was a great experience. Sunburn helped us get closer to the youth of the nation, the true gadget freaks! We at Gionee are always seeking for opportunities to express the brand’s vision and thoughts to young India and Sunburn with its growing popularity has been a brilliant platform. It was great to be the partner sponsor for Sunburn and we look forward to many such alliances.” The Kingfisher Good Times Zone hosted games like Beer Pong, Dunk It, Hammer It, apart from funky giveaways. Commenting on the occasion, United Breweries Limited Sr. VP Marketing Samar Singh Sheikhawat said, “Kingfisher’s association with Sunburn this year has been amped up several notches and is a ‘Money cannot buy’ experience for the Good Times fans. We are engaging with music and beer lovers in newer, more innovative ways, and offering them a taste of the Kingfisher life at Sunburn. We look forward to creating memories of a lifetime for our consumers by getting them to live the Kingfisher experience.” The Smirnoff Experience Zone was elevated comfort seating for fans alongwith the selfie booth against the #unfakeit laminated panels. Fans were seen sporting FBB merchandise posing against standees that read #freaking.bloody.brilliant which reflected the vibe of the festival. At the Ola Track, participants raced on segways and overcame an obstacle course for exciting giveaways. The track was in great demand with a perpetual queue of people at all times. Thousands of participants raced over 4 days, winning goodies like food and beer coupons. The fastest racer of the festival also got to take home a hoverboard for herself. “The Ola track at Sunburn witnessed incredible enthusiasm from participants who raced on segways through an obstacle course to win a hoverboard for themselves! New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest times for a mobility platform like us, where millions around the country would like to enjoy their evening without having to worry about transportation. The fact that Sunburn attracts music lovers from across the country, it was a no-brainer to activate the brand in a fun and engaging way, just prior to New Year’s eve.” said Ola VP Marketing Sudarshan Gangrade. Skybags had an activity zone with interesting games like Mechanical Bull, Sherlock:Unlock The Bag and the winners were gratified with user friendly Skybags. Helium balloons with Skybags imprinted on them were used to light up the skies in the night. Airtel supported the festival with free internet connectivity and good Wifi connectivity at the festival. Gillette promoted Venus and Flexiball at The Star Wars Stage with the bubble gun wash from the Martial. SpiceJet had a photo booth where patrons could click pictures with their lovely air hostesses in front of a huge 2D cutout of an aircraft. The Rayban Dance Zone replete with water sprinklers and foam ensured fans kept cool amidst the sunny afternoons. The Rayban Selfie Stick at the Rayban Never Hide Sounds Stage attracted the lovely ladies in numbers. The Skyscanner Giant Ferriswheel was gave an aerial view of the festival while Stayzilla ensured fans had their first ever camping experience. The 7up Revive Activity included a maze puzzle. The ITC Noir Silhouette Zone gave fans a chance to get their feet pampered after a crazy night of non-stop dancing. The ITC Passion Ranch allowed fans to see a 360 view of the audience from a DJ's perspective with their special Google Glasses apart from the Rocket Launcher. The ninth year of Sunburn Goa was memorable, musical and magical. The artist village reverberated by all sorts of bass-lines buoyed by the incessant energy of a crowd that was nothing but love, excitement and positivity. An immersive experience with on-site camping, artist and fan village, adventure sports, flea markets, elaborate food courts & delectable cocktails and crazy after parties, 2015 marked the culmination to a beautiful year in dance music. Over the years, Sunburn has become one of the highlights of the global calendar year, and one of the hottest tickets for domestic and international music fans alike. Take a break, come to Sunburn Goa. Sunburn Goa contributed approximately Rs 6 crores as direct revenue to the government, and also created indirect revenue of approximately Rs. 200 crores for state of Goa, via the travellers’ influx during the days of the festival, with total tourism business of approximately Rs. 1000 crores.

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