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Aaresh Sethna
Senior Copy Writer
IBD India


Today I will be telling you the reason I look down and walk (not always but when “It” happens) the reason I can’t keep my head held high. No no no… this has got nothing to do with me as a person. I am a good Mumbaikar who always pays his taxes, has never committed a crime, got no vice, never stole office stationery and I always stand when the national anthem is played (even though I can’t stand at one place for a long time).

So this problem happens with me quite often. For instance, on a Sunday morning when I was grocery shopping with my mother. A few people looked at me in the eye as I passed them and then shifted their glance on the ground.

So walking a little further with 5 kilos of grocery (both hands occupied), I get a nudge from mom, “Hey your shoelaces are open, when will you start becoming responsible?” Well I don’t care much, to tell you the truth. I can walk with my laces open, of course with caution. I try to find a perfect spot to tie the lace (a light pole, a stool, stairways are the spots where I prefer to tie my shoelace). You can’t just stop in the middle of the public road and tie your shoelaces, right? So carefully walking with my head low (looking at the open shoelaces, hoping not to trip over) I find a perfect place to tie the laces.

The catch here is; this happens with me quite often. When I greet my colleagues at work “hey morning people!” they reply like. Concerned person 1 “morning and your laces are out”; concerned person 2 “arey ye to rozka hai”; concerned person 3 “lace bandhna kab sikhega ye ladka” are the dreadful comments I hear. Come on people, I am 24 years old I know how to tie my own shoelaces!

Before you point out at my open shoelaces do read this please.

  • First, thanks for showing you are concerned about me
  • Shoelaces have a grievance against me, maybe in my past life I used to kill people with shoelaces (hard to believe though)
  • Yes, my concerned friends, I FU#$$%# know how to tie my shoelaces
  • It’s like they don’t like being tied together, every second they struggle and successfully discover freedom
  • Open shoelaces are definitely not the parameters to measure how responsible or mature a person is!
  • And you all should congratulate me on achieving a feat of never ever falling/tripping over my shoelaces.

P.S “What defines us is how well we rise every time after falling.”

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