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Avni Savla
Senior Account Executive
IBD India

Let the Wedding Bells ring!!

Ever since childhood, I have been hearing the stories of the Prince and Princess celebrating their royal weddings and Disney being the Godfather has inspired me always and made my dreams come true. But as times changed, the trends of this industry also changed. The new age hopes of a splendorous and joyous wedding lay in sourcing local designers with every Indian girl aspiring to wear either a Sabhyasachi or Manish Malhotra trousseau.

Wedding are most crazy, and can lead to many lost nights of sleep preparing for it but also become a memorable dream come true. Today the wedding industry and its associated media spin-off has changed the collective mindset of the masses and now everyone wants to have a royal wedding exactly like the Prince Charming and Princess of our Disney fairytales. Locations like the Jaipur Oberoi offers one a chance to feel like being a proper Maharani of the palace as one sashays down the steps wearing exquisitely crafted Kundan Jewellery and elegantly embroidered designer clothes.

But the quote “All that Glitters is not Gold” pretty much sums up the unseen back-end pain and chaos that goes into re-creating a Royal wedding and making it a stunning and successful reality on ground. And this where the magicians, or what we today refer to as “Event Managers & Planners” play a pivotal role. These Magicians are the people who give all your wedding dreams the glitter, glamour and brilliant sparkle. And nowadays this booming and lucrative industry has led to many professionals opting to make it their future career option. A job in this space ensures massive outreach, connections, networking and being the star of the moment for the couple and their respective families and friends.

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be the most romantic, fantastic, and most importantly a memorable affair. For me these moments are very special. Because whenever I see a big happy smile on the brides face or their familyies faces my heart just leaps and my mind says, “Boss you did the right thing!”

So let your moments of joy, creativity, laughter and sadness all pour out to make your wedding the most memorable, Rock and Roll affair to remember for a lifetime!

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